Bill Free TV FAQ

Questions & Answers

Q . If I switch to BILLFREE TV will my broadband and phone package be affected?

A . No, your broadband and phone packages are separate and your TV monthly fee will be  eliminated  from your subscription package.

Q . What is Digital TV?

A . Digital TV is now the standard way in which we will watch TV from now on. It gives broadcasters much better functionality. It gives the viewer much more variety and choice.

Q . What is needed for Free to air satellite TV?

A . A satellite dish, Aerial (for Saorview) a set top or combi box, and fixtures and fittings. Our experienced and trained BILLFREE TV staff will competently set the system up for you.

Q . Where does Free Sat and Free to air work?

A . Anywhere in the Republic of Ireland. Once the installation is completed properly there should be no problem anywhere in the country.

Q . Can I use teletext and the interactive red button?

A . Yes, once you have the correct set top box. There are many different types and only some are compatible. Ask our BILLFREE TV staff for details.

Q . Do the set top boxes have an epg menu?

A . Yes. Seven day menu is available on Saorview and now and next from free sat.

Q . Can I record, pause and rewind live TV?

A . Yes you can. This option (PVR) is available through in most cases an external hard drive connected to your set top box. This is an optional extra; please ask BILLFREE TV sales staff for details.

Q . Can you record one programme whilst watching another?

A . Yes, You can record a Saorview channel whilst watching a free view channel, and vice versa, however you cannot record free sat whilst watching another free sat channel and the same applies to the Saorview channels.

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