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BILLFREE TV term and conditions

A standard installation warranty of twelve month applies to all materials, parts and labour provided by Billfreetv. Service calls generated by elements outside our sphere of influence will be chargeable to the client at the agreed call-out rates. Where a customer requests a secondary service call after the initial date of the installation, the customer will be instructed at the point of call booking, that a call charge will be incurred if the service providers assessment identifies fault conditions/ causes outside the limitations of the standard installation warranty (Force Majeure etc)  Billfreetv reserve the right to undertake an ‘Assessment call’ without prejudice to investigate all customer complaints relating to materials failure/ poor workmanship to assess if the complaint is valid.  Some Examples of what is NOT covered by our standard installation warranty are as follows  ;  
Accidental Damage: The dish/ antenna assembly is knocked off alignment by high winds, Window Cleaner/ other Installer.  Malicious Damage: The dish/ antenna assembly is physically damaged (vandalised)  Incorrect Diagnosis: The customer’s Access card/ STB EPG Software are identified as being faulty.  Material Failure (Pre Supplied): The customers pre supplied equipment (Digital Box/ Receiver/ DTR/ TV with freesat built-in) is found to be faulty/ miss-configured/ incorrectly connected with existing equipment  Force Majeure: The dish/antenna is knocked off alignment or damaged by natural causes such as storm or lightning damage/ water ingress - Bad weather/ high winds etc  Broadcast Changes: The Customers service is affected by broadcaster/ broadcast authority/ transmission platform changes/ over air upgrades/ modifications after the point of installation, causing loss of service/ specific channels etc. (Channel availability may change without warning) (Digital Box/ PVR/ TV with freesat built-in) is found to be faulty/ miss-configured with existing equipment  All installations must be paid by completion, if they have not already been pre-paid.  We accept cash, credit/Debit cards. A receipt will be provided and a customer satisfaction form will be signed both by the client and installer on the day of installation  Thank you for choosing Billfreetv Ltd for your satellite reception equipment needs! Please refer to these TERMS & CONDITIONS if you need to handle warranty issues. The“Agreement
is made between Billfreetv Ltd (Vendor) and Recipient, (Customer). All products sold as NEW with a manufacturer warranty. If a Vendor warranty is stated on the invoice Vendor will repair or replace, at Vendor s option, the product containing manufacturing defects so long as the product is returned in its original shipping materials to Vendor within the original Vendor warranty period. Any product covered by an extended Vendor warranty purchased at time of original sale will be repaired or replaced at Vendor s option so long as the product is returned in its original shipping materials to Vendor within the extended Vendor warranty period. This warranty is made only to the Customer whose name appears on the front of the invoice. Service or product upgrades or modifications by a non-Vendor approved technician voids any and all warranties, expressed or implied.  Vendor makes no representations or warranties regarding the fitness of the products you have purchased for any particular function. Vendor makes no representations or warranties that the products you have purchased are compatible with any particular software, hardware or any other non-Vendor equipment. Vendor is not responsible for any damage, problems, or data loss resulting from software, hardware failure or non-Vendor equipment placed by Customer on Vendor product. Products that are serviced by a non- Billfreetv Ltd approved technician voids any and all warranties, expressed or implied.   These Terms and Conditions along with information provided on a Billfreetv Ltd invoice to customer constitute the whole agreement between Customer and Vendor. Billfreetv Ltd will accept Purchase Orders for organisations under the conditions that invoices paid after 30 day terms will be billed an additional 10% late fee. Any terms contained in Customers Purchase Orders which conflict with the terms of this invoice are expressly rejected. By accepting shipment of product from Vendor, Customer agrees that the Vendor Terms & Conditions of the Vendor supersede any conflicting terms in Customers PO. Should any term, sentence, or paragraph of this invoice be deemed invalid or illegal in a court of law, such term, sentence or paragraph shall be severed from the rest of this agreement, leaving the other terms of this agreement enforceable. This agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of the Republic of Ireland and the European Union. Should any dispute arise from or regarding this agreement, Customer consents to jurisdiction in the Republic of Ireland and agrees that venue is proper in the county of Placer. Customer agrees that the place of performance of this agreement is in the country of Placer, state of Republic of Ireland. Further the prevailing party in any such dispute shall be entitled to costs including legal fees. Free to Air Use Statement Customer acknowledges that certain satellite television equipment may be used in an unauthorised manner to aid in the theft of satellite television services. We acknowledge and understand that the law provides for substantial criminal and civil penalties for the unauthorised use of satellite television services, and we agree not to use products purchased from Billfreetv Ltd in any way to intercept a satellite television signal without proper authorisation from the broadcast satellite provider and payment of required charges, and we will only use the equipment purchased in accordance with applicable laws. We agree to indemnify, defend and hold Billfreetv Ltd harmless from any and all claims, damages or liabilities arising out of or resulting from

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