Bill Free TV Savings

For a once off fee of €289 we provide our customers with a list of over 140 stations, including all the main Irish and UK channels, through our new BILLFREE HD Digital Combo Boxes. Check out the Comparison Chart and see the significant savings to be had.

Lets Look At The Savings To Be Made!

  • Sky Costs

    Min €30 per month
    1yr / 18 mth Contracts
    HD Extra

    €300 per year
  • UPC Costs

    €300 per year
    1yr / 18mth Contracts
    HD Extra

    €300 per year

    Once Off payment of €289.00
    Full Ownership


    Free HD TV Forever
BILLFREE TV - This is about your freedom to choose and save money. BILLFREE TV gives you that assurance that when you are watching your favorite TV shows that you are now viewing them for FREE!

In this current economic climate with many of us tightening our belts, cutting costs and getting out of yearly contracts, have you considered the substantial monthly and yearly subscription charges you pay for your TV channel’s to the likes of UPC and SKY?

BILLFREE TV - Channel Listing
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